Your Website is Your Biggest Marketing Asset

April 9, 2023

Website is a Marketing Asset

The Power of Website Data

Consider your website as a validation platform for your experience, areas of expertise, leadership structure, and specialty services or products.
Visitors to your website gather information about your product or service and make an informed decision on whether to contact you.
If you are concerned about the current rankings of your site, there are several small improvements that you as an owner can incorporate into your current website to elevate your content and improve the overall performance. 
Analytics data gathered from your website will tell you everything about your organic traffic, visitor behavior, the performance of your social posts, and conversions from your recruitment efforts or digital ads.
It is the marketing tool that can directly elevate your business. 

statistics for job recruitment

The website is a storyteller

Use your website to tell your brand’s story and put your experience and expertise as the focus point. Consider featuring more unique skills and products and leveraging the online presence to bring more visitors to your site.  For businesses offering services where the expertise of the leadership team plays an important role, make sure you include their bios and a page dedicated to their story. Be open with your clients, create a history timeline, and bring the culture of your company to the forefront.

All digital efforts lead back to your website

Remember that your marketing efforts can be successfully measured by utilizing your website.  It is the endpoint for all your digital and search campaigns.  Your social media posts and career ads will lead the visitor back to your web. All shared blog posts, articles, whitepapers, and case studies should be included in your site to serve as a knowledge base for your clients. 

Showcase services and products

Example of a page structure

Crucial to developing a successful website and leveraging its marketing power will be correctly building out your product and service pages.  Google can only deliver your website in search results if your content is clear and well-structured, and each page has a defined title.

Keep in mind that it is better to list your services separately on each page rather than bundling all of them under a single “Services” page.  Adding descriptions, photos, and specific details about your service or product will create a better opportunity for Google ranking and also assure a better experience for your users.

Showcase company culture

If hiring is a part of your marketing strategy, make sure that the content on your website is inviting and sets your business apart from competitors. Your recruitment efforts can only be successful if your website reflects your corporate culture. Incorporate job posts directly into your website and when set up with the correct schema, they can automatically display in Google Searches.

Company Cluture

Invest in photography and showcase the real image of your company.  Avoid stock photography.  Focus more on quality vs. quantity.  Capture the spirit of your day-to-day employee interactions and share with your online audience.  

Blogs and case studies

Invest time and effort into building genuine content.  In the world of AI, it’s easy to create vast amounts of web content.  That is not really the point.  As a company, you are delivering a unique product or service and AI will not be able to capture that in your posts.

Additional content improves your rankings and helps with your overall SEO, but we still strongly believe that your knowledge is unique and that writing original content can leverage your business. Create white papers, resource libraries, and case studies that share your past experiences and assure the visitor that you are the expert in your industry.

Posts written on the website should always be shared on your social media and other digital platforms to bring visitors back to the site.

Each website can be the most valuable marketing asset when built and structured correctly.  Adding more content and showcasing your company’s culture can only enhance your online presence.  Take advantage of this tool and make sure that the content and functionality of your website create a great user experience.