Google Fonts for Web Design 2024

April 15, 2024

Why do web fonts matter?

For any website, fonts are something of an unsung hero. Consistent font choices throughout can help overall aesthetics, balance, and functionality. The font choices you make for your website should be purposeful and strategic, along with color and size.

Overall look and feel  – Any iconic brand has an iconic typeface to match, think Apple or Dior. But even on a smaller scale, a brand’s font choice can drastically change the messaging. For example, a law firm would be more likely to use a serif font to show professionalism and reliability, whereas a construction company may want something bold, heavy, and industrial.

Legibility – Visitors shouldn’t struggle to read anything on your site—for example, a script as small body copy would be very difficult to read. Keeping consistent sizes and weights for all headings and subheadings also aids in visual flow.

Hierarchy – Choosing the right font sizes and weights can also help guide users’ attention and reduce visual fatigue by breaking up sections and CTAs, as well as draw the eye to important information like disclaimers.

What is a web font?

A web font is any font used in website design. Before the adoption of web fonts, designers were very limited in choices for fonts used online. The chosen font had to be what was called “web-safe,” meaning it would appear correctly on all computers regardless of operating system, and without having to be installed by the user.

Widespread adoption of web fonts happened around 2009–2011, opening the doors to the variety of fonts now available for web design.

Why Google Fonts?

Google Fonts is an invaluable resource to web designers for many reasons:

  • Google Fonts has a large and versatile selection to choose from, so you can find the perfect font for any project
  • All Google Fonts are considered to be “web-safe,” so they are ensured to work across all browsers
  • Fast loading times from Google’s servers
  • Cost-efficient and accessible for all clients (Free & Easy!)
  • Easy to integrate with builders like Elementor

Get some inspiration with some of our favorite Google Fonts and font pairings!


Font Pairing: Familjen Grotesk Bold + Chivo

  • Familjen Grotesk is available in 4 weights and italics ranging from regular to bold. It features contemporary shapes and curves which add a soft trustworthiness while still delivering a bold impact at title sizes.
  • Chivo Grotesk is available in a versatile 10 weights and italics from thin to black. In lighter weights, Chivo is elegant and easy on the eyes as a body copy.

This font pairing lends itself to tons of possibilities, as Chivo in heavier weights is also great as a heading!

Font Pairing: Archivo Regular, Bold + Albert Sans

  • Archivo is available in 10 weights and italics ranging from thin to black, as well as a condensed version. Archivo is a modern headline typeface with a slight tech feel that fits right into 2024 trends.
  • Albert Sans is also available in 10 weights and italics from thin to black. Also a very modern choice, Albert Sans’s rounded geometry and thoughtful spacing still gives plenty of interest on its own.
Font Pairing: Crimson Pro Regular, Semi Bold + Lexend

  • Crimson Pro is available in 8 weights and italics ranging from extra light to black, as well as a dedicated text version for body copy applications. Crimson is a classic, timeless font that speaks to experience and reliability.
  • Lexend is available in 9 weights from thin to black, and various expanded versions. Lexend fonts are intended for stress-free reading, making it great for pairing with another font for more visual interest.
Font Pairing: Figtree Extra Bold, Regular + Lora

  • Figtree is available in 7 weights and italics ranging from light to black. It’s a friendly, youthful, and clean font that works great for clients seeking a human touch without being overly complex.
  • Lora is available in 4 weights from regular to bold, plus italics. Lora is a balanced serif designed to be readable at body copy sizes, while still conveying a sense of creativeness normally offered by a more Old-Style serif.
Font Pairing: DM Serif Display + DM Sans

  • DM Serif Display is an elegant, high-contrast typeface created for use at large sizes, making it the perfect choice for minimal or typographic-based designs with super-sized titles.
  • DM Sans is the perfect low-contrast support to DM Serif Display. available in 10 weights thin to black and italics. Plus this pairing is an easy one to remember!

These pairings are just a few we’re loving for 2024. Check out our 2023 favorites for more great options. With hundreds of font options available through Google Fonts, it’s never been easier have fun and get creative!