What Would Brands Look as People

March 18, 2023

What would brands look as people

We asked AI what would brands look as people.  Here are images generated using artificial intelligence that portray famous brands as both men and women. 

The AI technology allows you to generate images that look like photographs, paintings, or digital art. From abstracts to hyperrealistic creations, you can generate anything you can imagine. Within a few seconds, the AI engine builds a portrait based on your prompts.  The results are not always 100% perfect, but once you master the art of creating correct prompts, you will be able to generate anything you can envision. 

Look at the below images created fully using AI technology. 

1. Nike Brand

AI-generated portrait of blond man in nike hoodie
Nike Woman

2. McDonald's

McDonald's Man
McDonald's Woman

3. Apple

Apple Woman
Apple Man

4. Disney

Disney Woman
Disney Man

5. Chanel

Chanel Woman
Chanel Man

6. Ford

Ford Man
Ford Woman